Coats for Kids


As many of you know, Coats for Kids puts out boxes in the fall to collect good used coats that we can distribute to needy families throughout the county. They are usually out for about six weeks; however we receive calls all year round asking where are the boxes and where can we drop off coats. Sometimes Tony goes down to the building to meet them or they drop off coats at Grace, but now, thanks to Jim S., we have a solution.

Jim has built a large wooden drop box to be placed permanently at the back of the Coats for Kids building at 1111 West Lake Street in Tawas City. He even painted it a beautiful shade of blue and put a padlock on the bottom half for security. It was too large and too heavy for Jim and Tony to move, so we asked for help from the good folks at Iosco RESA, and they obligingly went to Jim’s house with some strong teenagers and a trailer and picked up the box and delivered it to the building. Jim has fastened it on to the railing of the handicap ramp and it is ready for business. What a blessing this will be for us and for all those who like to dispose of coats once they decide they don’t want them.

We received a grant from the Northeast Michigan Community Foundation to buy some boots for little kids and have had fun scouring the clearance sales ready for fall. We just received another box of knitted hats from our good friend in Florida and all the coats for this fall are on hand and ready to go. All is quiet and now we just wait for the cold weather (no hurry!) We are so grateful to Jim and also to Bill and Linda A. for cutting the grass at the building whenever it needs it. What would we do without them and all the other good friends who help keep Coats for Kids going?!

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