Other Ministries


The Grace card rack has lovely Thinking of You, Encouragement and Thank You cards for your loved ones. For the many highs and lows that each one of you have celebrated or endured these past few weeks, we are sending you Anniversary, Birthday and Sympathy prayers.

Blessings, Pete & Trisha W.

Nursing Home Worship

Martin Luther said, “As long as we live, there is never enough singing.”  Favorite hymns remain in our hearts and bring us joy when we share them. It doesn’t matter if we sing them well or if we get all the words right.  What matters is that we bring a “joyful noise to the Lord.”

That is what we hope to do with our nursing home ministry – bring a bit of joy to the residents at Lakeview Manor and MediLodge on the second Thursday of the month.  With songs, smiles, and handshakes, we hope to spread God’s good will to others and let them know they have not been forgotten. Please join us.

Why not come and join us on the second Thursday of month, first at Lakeview Manor and then MediLodge? 10 o’clock is our meeting time.  Hope to see you there.

Ink Cartridges

Just a reminder that we are continuing to collect empty ink cartridges.  We take these to Holy Family and they send them to Cartridge World every 3-4 months.  All those empty cartridges are remanufactured and sold again instead of going into our landfills.  In 2013 they received checks totaling $1,289.50. The checks they get they alternate giving between Haiti and the Nutritional Centre in Guatemala City.  Each cartridge can feed a child for days! Since they started this project in 2004 they have raised $26,858.50. That’s a lot of beans and rice!! We have been part of that ministry, as the box in the office fills up the cartridges are take over to Holy Family.  Thank you for your help, & please continue to “recycle” your ink cartridges.